Friday, September 9, 2011

Sorry, OOTD, Heavy Haulin

i want to apologize for not having a fashion friday ready for today, yesterday so cal had a 12hr black out, next week will be my last summer related fashion post, anything in particular anyone wants to see let me know(:
standard red tank, black blazer, black leggings
black knuck necklace, just my wallet, leopard heels

Brash, suede black heels
Brash, leopard print fabric w/ red glossy platform and heel

i needed to pick up a backup of my holy grail foundation (Maybelline superstay)
im dying my hair tomarrow (i want a golden shade),
lightner: Clairol born blonde ultra blue for dark brown hair
dye: Revlon supersilk 74 medium blonde
hope it comes out good, i will do a post on it soon(:


  1. Love the leopard heels! I'm gonna get a pair that looks almost identical to yours, from Macy's. Cute outfit!

  2. I work at Payless, and I'm surprised at how great our shoe selection is this fall. Those look great on you!

  3. Looks great loving the shoes and blazer, and your hair is so long and beautiful I'm trying to grow mine out at the moment.

  4. your heels !
    I WANT THEM ! LOL :)
    btw that blackout was crazyyyy ! I'm from San Diego, and my sisters were flippin out lol ...
    i'm glad to hear the electricity is back !

    - marla <3

    ps: thnks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog <3

  5. @lisa
    awsome, haul em on your blog?
    there so Khloe K esk

    yeah me to i bought 4 pairs of heels there in the last month im diggin obviously ;p

    @beauxs mom
    ive left my natural pigment for over 2 1/2 yrs to rest from the constant dying, im ready to go again, yee lol
    as for my long hair, im an avid extention user but my hair is pretty long on its own. thanks.

  6. @marla
    im so glad it came back on i was so worried the food would spoil yaa know?

  7. I went to payless the other day and I saw both those heels.. I wanted to get them but I could see myself bust my ass in them lol

    Your outfit is so cute, I've always wanted to buy a blazer like that (:

  8. love your cool necklace!
    & thanks so much for your honest opinion about the bag lol:)
    have a good weekend dear xxx


  9. Love the heals! Good luck with your hair dying! I dye my hair all the time, and I mix my own dye it's a breeze when you dye your hair with a box, there's almost no thought in it. I like the color stay foundation, but I have a problem finding my color :/

  10. What is that black necklace thingy? It look super cute!! I hope your hair dying process turns out good! Can't wait to see the results!! :)

  11. Both those heels are lovely! Wow :)


  12. very pretty! i love the leopard shoes and your necklace is soooo awesome!

  13. Love the shoes and ur outfit!!!
    This blackout that we had is no fun

  14. love the outfit! those heels are amazing!! :) xxxxx

  15. You look absolutely gorgeous. :)

  16. Great outfit! I absolutely LOVE the heels!
    Can't wait to see your hair! It's gonna look great. :)

  17. love your heels hun!

    :) wish i could walk in high heels like those

    i also took a trip to walmart yesterday
    ill post them up soon :)

    follow me

  18. Cool look!

  19. Wow! I love the leopard pinkies hill hope I could have that one soon. I really admire you of being sexy. Btw I have join your Gfollow wish you can follow me sometime. Keep coming back to visit you. have a nice day ahead.

  20. Ohhohoho I love the outfit. Its such a pretty look and looks very comfy, also it involves two of my favourite items, blazer and animal print ;););)

  21. those shoes are hot!! love the outfit!! Can't wait to see how your hair turns out!!

  22. ahh love the shoes! I picked up a pair of grey pumps from there :)

  23. I love the black suede shoes. Good luck with your hair :) x

  24. I saw today the leopard shoes and I want them!!! I can't buy them right now, but I will get them! I have too! Do they hurt?

  25. @nolitoshy
    Theyre pretty compfy but of cousrse after being on them for a few hrs walking around they do hurt