Friday, May 31, 2013

Update: garden & epic hair

Hey Ladies<3
if you remember my mothers day post, my husband got me stuff to start my own garden
you can read about that HERE
on May 25th we planted big boy tomatoes, sunflowers, and wild flowers;;
& heres how much theyve grown
its so exciting to see them! and i cant wait to see the final result, im obsessed now
we just planted lupines & cosmos (had to get those seeds when i saw them of course) and ill update when they start to pop up & on these guys as they grow(:
Dayton was featured on the Huffington Post in an article they did on Mommyshorts search of the most epic head of baby hair, she chose him as one of the babys, sooo proud and ecstatic! still waiting to see the top 10 finalists probably by monday i can only imagine how many pictures shes going thru, such a busy lady.
theres my baby the porcupine (screenshot of the bottom portion huffpost article)

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