Thursday, April 25, 2013

Care To Share: my thoughts

ahh im so happy to be back. i truely missed blogging and have many ideas for posts, the thing about being away for almost 2 years is that ive done alot in that time and have many things to share with you ladies. i needed my outlet back. i put my heart & soul into this blog in 2011, it always ment so much to me and ive always appriciated the ladies that followed me, theres also a few ladies i felt i made a great connection with and now i can have that back. i hope to hear from you all and i cant wait to meet more of you. so please dont hesitate to follow if you like what you see and leave a comment. id love to check out new blogs.

xoxo BeautyBehaved (Sarah Martinez)
webcam<3 Dayton & I while im blogging (hes passed out on his boppy)


  1. I've missed your posts SO much!! Very happy to have you back :) How old is your son now??

    1. thanks kat i missed blogging so much.
      hes 5 weeks tomarrow(:

  2. Hey doll! =)
    Welcome back! I would never forget you lol and even checked your page when I started blogging again after a year off! So glad your back now, we all missed you!!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts! =]
    Have a fabby Friday!!

    1. thank you(:
      awwwh thats soo nice to hear. i thought fer sure id be forgotten but im glad i wasnt missed all of you!!

  3. Oh btw, both of you look beyond gorgeous in that pic! Soo cute! xx