Sunday, July 31, 2011

BeautyBehaved Tutorial: bronzed eye

for summer i love wearing a shimmery bronzed eye, here is one of my many bronzed looks
let me know if you like the way i presented it with the finished look & steps or if youd want step by step images
using Ulta eyeshadow & a UD shadow (easily duped)
  1. Bermuda sand: on inner half of the lid to the crease
  2. Naked: on outer half of the lid to the crease, blend the shadows in the center
  3. Brass: blend in crease over naked and above the crease in a c shape
  4. UD Twice Baked: just into the crease to darken up a bit
  5. take Brass again and line the lower lash line
  6. take Twice Baked again and line outer half of lower lash line
  7. take Naked again put alittle in inner corner & for browbone highlight
  8. i used maybelline gel liner (black) winged out and brought into inner corner, sharp lines
  9. Loreal black pencil eyeliner, tightlined and waterline
  10. curled lashes and used Maybelline falsies black drama mascara


  1. I love that look for summer! Very pretty. And thanks for the tutorial!

  2. Such a nice eye look. Like u said perfect for summer.

  3. Super cute and very wearable for everyday :) and OMGSH girrrlll I am jealous of your lovely long lower lashes ;)
    btw thanks for the awards chica, I will be doing my post about them some time soon<3

  4. @sofiamichelle
    most of my looks will be wearable(:
    haa thanks, my lower lashes are kinda rediculously long tho, i wish they were alittle shorter
    & your welcome, you deserve it girl!

  5. Wow, I love the way you lined your eyes, very pretty! :)

    The Cat Hag
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  6. Pretty! I want to learn on doing this. ♥
    By the way, I'll be 25 this October 8. ♥

  7. @zarina villabueva
    Oh awsome I will have to remember to wish you a happy bday

  8. Amazing look. something i'd t ttly rock. your eyelashes are the bomb.

    p.s you are lucky to have a man who cooks for you on his off days hahaha... i just read that in a post below :)

  9. @esther
    Thanks for the compliment, haaa I am lucky but hes also lucky I do everything else around the house ;p

  10. It looks so great! I can never do winged out eye liner because I always smudge it somehow.

  11. Great look and great tutorial, 10s across the board!

  12. lovely look, you have really pretty eyes :) xx

  13. Omg this is such a gorgeous eye look!! The eyeliner is so perfect =]

  14. thats so pretty I love the cat eye eyeliner!!!
    you have an award I gave you its on my blog<3

  15. @paint that nail
    thank you! i will post in acouple days

    toall you lovely ladies, THANK YOU FOR THE AMAZING COMPLIMENTS! i cant wait to do more looks!

  16. I love this look. I wish I could wing my liner out like that, I dont think I have the right eye shape for it :P. You have such nice and thick lashes too.


  17. @mavideniz
    thanks, it takes pracice ive been doing my eyeliner like this for 6 yrs, lots of practice makes perfect(: