Friday, July 22, 2011

Fashion Friday: summer jewlery

as ive mentioned the last couple weeks, for fashion fridays im doing summer jewlery trends, showing the specific trends of this season and description, there will be only one more summer jewlery trend after this one.

 stacked faux pearl bracelets & a rhinestone linked band, tied together with a floral print fabric
hot pink magnetic beaded strand bracelet, with small diamond beads, silver round beads, rocks, and magnetic rounds keeping it together
stone linked bracelet with small gold beads, maroon & pearlescent stones
pull tie bracelet with purple wooden & clear plastic beads

pull tie bracelet with 3 large tan/brown bullseye glass beads, a couple multi colored beads, & black beads

string weaved tie bracelet with large dull green glass flowers
beaded bracelet with turquoise beads & brown glass beads
beaded bracelet with sea green beads & purple glass beads
beaded stone bracelet with multi colored stones & a large turquoise bead

will be updated with new trends throughout the summer 


  1. I love all of these, but I really like the one with the little flowers! :)

  2. Those are nice bracelets.
    thankyou for sharing!