Saturday, July 30, 2011

NOTD: zebra glamour ADD ON & Care To Share

i just added Sally Hansen crackle overcoat (ink splatter), here it is(:


& i wanted to share
my man made me my first funnel cake
he loves to cook for me on his days off, SCORE! lol
funnel cake is kind of a heavy treat but yummm, i got so tired after eating :p

woud you ladies care to see more sharing from my personal life?


  1. Thank you! You're soo good at doing nails! :D

  2. Looks great! :-) I just tagged you for a few blog awards. :-)

  3. Pretty nails! And the funnel cake looks really good!

  4. Whoa that's rad, well done beauty! The crackle's a great idea on that. Funnel cake is serious business, you got a good man on your hands!

  5. @nailnerd
    thank you haa love what you said, he is a good man(:

  6. I love how you are always changing up your nail colors! I suck at painting my nails. It takes me forever & a half to finish one hand, esp. the right hand! And that funnel cake is making me hungry!

  7. @heartkristel
    acouple years ago when I stopped going to the salon to get them done because of cost, I sucked hard to and I thought doing the right hand was impossible, but practice practice practice everytime I did them I noticed it got easier and they looked better each time, trust me if your work at itll become so easy

  8. Home made funnel cake? I've only ever seen them in theme parks and at county fairs. :)

  9. @karend
    yeah its homemade its actually pretty simple to do, if you want the recipe id gladly give it to you(:
    same here before he made it i never really saw them except there

  10. Sally Hansen does crackles!! Why have I never seen this....Do they have other colors as wellÉ

  11. @katxoxo
    yes they do have many colors actually, i have a collection post on them