Friday, July 29, 2011

Fashion Friday: summer jewlery

as ive mentioned the last couple weeks, for fashion friday im doing summer jewlery trends, showing the specific trends of this season and description, & this is the final one for jewlery!


long gold chain with a small crystal bead and large malachite stone pendent
beaded necklace with gold, wood, and white beads, and authentic shells

14k silver necklace with large shell pendent & silver deco pieces attached

cluster necklace with dull blue hemp & fabric strands, and a large glass seahorse

 cluster necklace with multi brown bead & wood strands, and large shell pieced cross

stone beaded necklace with light/dark periwinkle, turquoise, mint, seafoam green, bright blue, & silver colored stones

faux sm-med-large pearl beaded necklace with salmon pink feathers

 will be updated with new trends throughout the summer 


  1. Love then all. Especially the pearls & feathers!
    Great post.

  2. Love the malacite, the shell necklace is stunning and I adore the feather piece as well!

  3. They're all so pretty- especially the ones with the shells!

  4. Hi, thanks for the comment I love the seahorse!! and the first necklace because they're both blue :) The seahorse also reminds me of Horsea from pokemon haha~

  5. they are beautiful!! MY faves are the first one the cross one and the feathers ggoooorgeous :) xxx

  6. im glad you ladies love the necklaces(:

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