Sunday, June 12, 2011

Beauty Hit: foundation

Maybelline super stay 24hr foundation

ive been using this foundation since Aug 2009, its my holy grail foundation.

its a liquid foundation.

i usually have redness and its full coverage for me.

i wouldnt say its a "24hr" stay but it lasts till i go to bed at night and when i remove my makeup theres alot left so i would say atleast 12hrs.

i use a brush to apply, i find it the most affective way to apply and the most flawless
i have used a sponge applicator & just fingures but i would recommend using a brush.

i do mix other foundations colors with this when my skin color changes and it still seems to give the same full coverage.

the only downside i can find is that the packaging doesnt have a pump.

if you have a question about this foundation, leave a comment below (:

1 comment:

  1. Great review, i love using a brush for it too and i love that it's full coverage. I actually have this in 2 shades, 1 that's too light and one that's too dark and i always mix them with a more liquid-y foundation :)