Friday, June 24, 2011

Fashion Friday: swimsuits

during summer swimsuits are a must!
but can be pretty expensive, i have found many cute inexpensive swimsuits at Target for around 15 dollars for each separate piece, id say youre definetly getting bang for your buck here, check out your local Target you wont be disapointed!
here are some ive bought includes description

white ruffled bikini top with strings, gold buttons & hoop/bead detail, bottoms have a ruffle going across the front

olive green bandeau top with large jeweled detail in the center

black triangle top with yellow strings, tattoo style image on right side

red, yellow, green colored bikini bottoms with back strings and red, yellow, green colored beads

this bikini below is NOT from Target, its from a boutique by marina west around 30 dollars

 leopard print triangle top with black strings, pink stitching, pink bows on top, and clear pink beads

will be updated with new purchases throughout the summer
comment if you would like to see a post on slips/coverups(:


  1. wow these bikinis are gorgeous!!! xxx

  2. target always has the cutest bathing suits for cheap.

  3. All of those suits are adorable (I've seen that ruffled white top in blue? I much prefer this one.) You're totally ready for summer!