Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heavy Haulin: Dollartree & Goodwill may 15th

a spearmint lipgloss
LA colors art deco in gold glitter, yellow, baby pink, bright orange, blue glitter, silver, green glitter, bright green, intense pink, magenta
2 rolls of self liner and alot of drawer organizers (for my makeup storage)

black wallet 5.99

large cheetah print makeup bag 1.99

camel colored purse 4.99

large Ulta tote 4.99

brown belt 3.99 & others 1.99

leopard rope 3.99

Banana Republic tube/halter top 4.99

AE & Hollister tank 2.99

Old Navy sweater 3.99 & AE sweater 6.99

jeans 5.99

dress 4.99


  1. Lol I got my la colors np from dollartree too. And u found a Chanel wallet @ goodwill?! That's awesome!

  2. @sofiamichelle
    i doubt its real but i couldnt pass it up(: