Tuesday, June 14, 2011

NOTD: ink heart, hottie

i used NYX girls (ink heart) an opaque navy blue

over that Sinfulcolors (hottie) a blue jelly with rainbow glitters

check out that glitter(:


  1. Love these color together :) please check out my blog !

  2. toooo pretty, i'm a sucker for blue (and hottie, that stuff is just irresistible.) how quickly does the NYX stuff dry?

  3. for me i wouldnt say NYX is a fast dry polish, with 2 coats id say a good 10 minutes before its good to go, & i notice that theyre polishes legit smell like chemicals, but the colors are so nice by the NYX girls line i ignore it, you should also check out there gitters they have some unique ones.

  4. I dont think I have a navy blue nail polish but ather looking @ this pics I may pick some up next time Im out.Thankyou doll for sharing!