Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Heavy Haulin:

ohhh boy, this haul will be quite pic heavy i ordered on sunday so i hope if theres anything youd like to purchase its still on the site
i will include the sites title of the item & price, & a description

ditsy polka dot bow handbag ($20.80) a white duffle bag with black bows 2 leatherette handles and wide shoulder strap
 knitted beanie with bow ($6.80) cream with black bow
textured bow studs ($3.80) antique silver earrings
rhinestone bow studs ($2.80) gold earrings
sweet trio earrings ($2.80) clear rhinestone, peach rose, cupcake studs
ferocious hearts earring set ($4.80) black, clear, gold, zebra, leopard studs

faceted rhinestone ring set ($4.80) 3 silver rings size 6

leatherette bow ring ($4.80) 2 finger ring gold, black bow, rhinestones in the center
rhinestone 3 finger ring ($5.80) dark grey small
young love necklace ($1.50) silver 2 sepereate charms
forever necklace ($3.80) gold

 leopard print compact ($2.80)

leopard print & roses blotting paper ($3.80)
glamorous kabuki brush ($4.80) hot pink
metallic 5-cosmetic brush set ($5.80) purple, eyebrow brush, blush brush, angled blush brush, eyeshadow brush, eyeliner brush & small eyeshadow brush

leopard cheek color ($4.80) baby pink shimmer pigmented

leopard eye shadow pallet ($5.80) 10 eyeshadows

10 eyeshadow palette ($6.80) smokey, black eyeliner i had to scrub to get off

shimmering shamrock (green & rainbow hex glitters), purple shimmer (purple & silver hex glitters), shimmering cherry (red/black/silver hex glitters)

taupe it off (camel toned), totally taupe (beige toned), simply peach (peach shimmer)

periwinkle (dusty blue), lavander

if you have any questions about these items please leave a comment below(:
& btw i also purchased headbands but they will be included in my fashion friday, check back for that(:


  1. Wow! What a nice haul. I am loving those glitter polishes!

  2. Great haul! I love all the stuff you got. :)

  3. That is some serious hauling! The leopard cheek color reminds me of Too Faced's leopard love set! I may also end up stealing your beanie when you're not looking. It's cute.

  4. Adorable ! I love all the little bows :)

  5. Love the cupcake earrings, so cute :)


  6. I like all those cute earrings...those are on my list for my upcomming blog give away!

  7. @hunter87
    Yay im glad someone will have the chance to get them also(:

  8. oooooo how did those love & beauty glitters go on?

  9. Great post and I love the bag! you have a great blog! please check out my blog and follow if you like, I promise to do the same for you! xx

  10. @nailnerd
    They go on smooth, glossy and the glitter sticks well to pack more on

  11. So many bows...I love it. How's the material of the bag? I saw it online and wanted to it, but was unsure about the quality of the bag.

  12. @ helen
    the material of the bag is like a woven cloth fabric
    the quality id say is decentt, the zipper has no problems which i typically find with lower quality bags
    the handles seem a little on the weaker side if i had to judge them but the shoulder strap seems pretty sturdy

  13. what a gret haul!! the knitted beanie looks so cute! I love bows!!

    btwt, I'm following you!