Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: flip flops

during summer almost all i wear on my feet is flip flops.
i love them and i enjoy finding cute affordable pairs.
here are some ive found, includes price range, store found, & descriptions.

i love Roxy flip flops i can find them between 10-20 dollars at Ross
gray rubber sole, embellished with silver hex glitters on the straps
white rubber sole, embellished with large clear rhinstones on the straps

American Eagle at Payless from 7-15 dollars

 green & white stripped cloth sole, green straps with white ribbon running through

black patent sole, zebra print straps (these are quite worn)

Op at Walmart from 5-12 dollars
thick gray snake print rubber sole, embellished with faux studded gray straps
zebra print rubber sole, embellished with black sequins on the straps

Walgreens around 10 dollars (my newest pair, check the store for them if you like)
leopard print cloth sole, soft black fabric straps

will be updated with new purchases throughout the summer


  1. The green and white ones are super cute!

  2. Cute flip flop collection ^_^
    I love the leopard print flip flops!