Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beauty Hit: eyeliner

Almay eyeliner (black)
ive been using this eyeliner since july 2007, its my holy grail eyeliner
ive tried many black eyeliners but i always go back to this

its a retractable eyeliner w/ a built in sharpener

i use this liner in my waterline, i tightline with it, and i apply on upper lash line and with a liner brush blend/smudge into shadow to darken and create a more subtle line (it gives enough time to work with it before drying)

it is long lasting, i never find myself needing to reapply, very minimal (unwanted) smudging on lower lash line (& i dont notice that till end of the day)

its intense black exactly what i look for

ive never had any issues with the product, but i will say that i find it often out of stock in black atleast, which has caused me to try other liners but nothing ive found so far can compare to this, i even choose this over the UD zero liner which i also own

i recommend this for anyone looking for a new eyeliner, its amazing, it may not work on everyone, were all different as far as what will stay on our waterline, ive tried liners that last on others but not myself thats why i just want to add that
the liner without cap
the liner swatched, & smudged (see how the lines still very much intact)

if you try this out, let me know what you think(:
i will be doing reviews on other lines at some point since ive tried sooo many


  1. I'm yet to find my HG eyeliner. Seems like that's the only thing I have problems finding.

    Would you be interested in guest blogging on my blog? I been wanting to do that so others can get to know other blogs they might have overlooked. Let me know =)

  2. I also have found my HG eyeliner yet, but I'm working on it. My favorite at the moment is a gel eyeliner from Make-Up Store.

  3. @tiffany
    yeahh finding my HG eyeliner was not easy, i hope you find yours soon.

    sure hun id love to specially for you, what were you thinking?

  4. Anything you want. It can be a review, NOTD, OOTD, FOTD.

    Just let me know whenever you want to post. No rush =)

  5. Cool, now I want to try it. Wow you've been using it for a while. I'm the same way I like to stick to something if it really works for me:)

  6. I've never tried that eyeliner before, but for now I still have to use up my other eyeliners lols.

  7. Thankyou for sharing doll I will have to try this out I was looking for an eyeliner.Thankyou for the info!

  8. @jazmin
    np girl, i hope you enjoy the way i do(:

  9. I reaally like eyeliner especially black and green :D
    I might search for this one.

  10. @esther
    girrlll! you so should & lemme know what you think?

  11. Thank you! Good black liner is so hard to find these days, so I'm going to be checking this one out for sure!!

  12. @meredith jessica
    Yay! Hit me back with your thoughts?

  13. I used to use this all the time but I've recently fell in love with gel eyeliner!!

  14. Every eyeliner I have ever tried smears off my waterline :(
    I dislike that.. thanks for this post!

  15. I have this eyeliner too and I totally love it!