Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Heavy Haulin: thrift & Update

if you missed my previous update post click here
yesterday i went to the drs to see if the antibiotic im on is helping the infection, it tested the same as the day i went to urgent care, ughh, that means im not getting better, on friday the culture will be in & i will know more. meanwhile im in alot of pain, so they perscribed a higher dose pain killer. & im concerned obviously but i try to concentrate on other things, like talking & shopping lol after my appt i went to a local thrift store with my mom since shes my driver atm haa its always a good time when were together tho, i bought a few things i didnt want to spend to much since my girl Jazmin of my pursuit of happiness is gonna be in town for a couple weeks & when we get together i plan to do some money damage ;p

on to the goods
Juicy Couture cream knit top w/ gold buttons & puff sleeves $5
long black/gray flannel $4.50
 long white tube top w/ sweatheart neck & silver sequins, sinches on sides $3
black "sublime" hoodie $3 (1 of my all time fave bands)
Hollister gray Vneck w/ graphic $4
taupe shorts $4
Billabong black cotton shorts $5
gray immitation uggs $3
BELTS $1 each
silver snakeskin belt
black glitter belt w/ rhinestone buckle
thin black belt
black/gold glitter lace belt
Banana Republic black tie belt w/ cream detailing


  1. Nice haul. Sorry your in pain, I hope you feel better soon.
    & I'm so jealous I wish I could go on a shopping trip with you & Jazmin =/

  2. @tiffany
    Thanks, awwww hun I wish you could go to!
    Too bad you live so far away):

  3. dangggg looks like you broke the bank with this haul lol <3

    you bought some really cute stuff <3
    especially the belts :)!!!!

    BTW thanks for all the cmmts you leave me on my posts <3
    they are always so cute :)

    - marla

  4. @marla
    Lol I cant help myself had to pick errything I found cute
    thrifting is the best to get belts soo cheap and some unique
    Your welcome hun

  5. You picked up so much stuff! I guess I need to check out a thrift store!
    I love Sublime, too. :)

  6. Awesome deals! I love thrift shopping.

  7. I love the belt and the shorts you got, I hope you get better soon! :(

  8. nice haul! those boots look really cute, I hope you feel better soon


  9. @diana & mavideniz
    thanks girls, i hope i get good news tomarrow.

  10. i love your blog. i followed you. please check out my blog and follow if you want. thanks.

  11. Omgsh, i need to go thrifting sometime! Those were great deals and I love those belts!

  12. being sick or in pain is just awful, hope u feel better soon hun, shopping helps you found some cute stuff the juicy couture shirt is adorable.

  13. @cami
    your to sweeet, i will check it out

    i seriously get urges to go thrifting! its completly addicting

    @beauxs mom
    thanks im really hoping that when the culture comes back i dont have to deal with this much longer, im sick & tired literally of being in pain
    i was stoked to find that juicy top, SCORE haa(:

  14. Love the cardi and boots honey! x

  15. Nice haul like the boots hope that u are feeling better!!

  16. You did some good thrift shopping, I like those boots!

  17. I love thrift shopping and those belts are amazing!! great post !!

    I'm now your newest follower...!! check my blog out hope you follow too!!!

  18. that's so great that you and Jazmin get together!! ps- Love the Jiucy shirt!! Adorable!!