Saturday, August 20, 2011

Update & Heavy Haulin: payless

Twinkie is all better!! YAY! (: he tested negative for bacteria in his ear, at least i dont have that to worry about anymore,  after i dropped him off at home i went to payless because they have a new line there called "brash" i needed to check it out and i recommend you girls do to! then i picked up a 6 pack of mikes hard lemonade to help me kick back & relax
whats your fave 5%?

on to the goods:
2 pairs of stilettos
navy blue suede
nude gloss
(in ordering these online)

a few jewlery pieces
simple stackable rings
blue fabric & yarn braided chain bracelet
dark silver metal knot bracelet

the beauties i wore with todays outfit


  1. You got such pretty stuff! The shoes are awesome, and I have a collection of rings, so I of course love the rings you got. :)

  2. You have wonderful taste! Love everything you bought =)
    Glad your pup is all better.

  3. @olivia
    i want to see your collection :p

    aww thanks hun!!! your so sweet!

  4. Yay!!! for Twinkie its good that he dirent get that bacteria.
    Love love all those shoes... you have a very good taste its always good to relax I have not had a drink in a long time..LOL

  5. @jazmin
    thanks love! omg we need to when you come down?

  6. Love those blue pumps!! Can't believe they sell those at payless!! I gave your blog an award!! Check it out!!

  7. @katxoxo
    i know right they have really nice stuff now
    thanks i will

  8. Ah the shoes!!! I love the jewelry also and its nice to hear that twinkie is all okay now ;)


  9. love the shoes.and the rings are amazing.I'm into rings these days.
    can you plzz tell me from where did you buy these rings?

  10. The shoes look fantastic, loving the glossy nude ones. Too bad it'll be awhile before I'll see them in stores around here.

  11. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous! And yay for Twinkie, I'm glad he's getting better. :)

  12. Hooray Twinkie, what a relief!!!

  13. awesome buy! love the shoes! what's the price?? i want the leopard print pumps! they don't have them at the stores?

  14. Those blue suede shoes are adorable! I want em!

  15. @nolitoshy
    they are 29.99 plus BOGO
    the leopard print are an online exclusive, im gonna order those and the black suede ones to get the BOGO

  16. OMGSH those shoes are super cute!! I need to check out Payless sometime...those cheetah print ones are SUPER cute :)

  17. love all the shoes you got!!! especially the ones you're going to order online!!!

  18. damn! i can't believe you got those shoes from payless. they look super hot!

  19. Those blue heels look gorgeous on you!!