Thursday, August 11, 2011

BeautyBehaved Tips & Tricks: thrifting

since i recently went thrifting i found it relevent for me to finally put up my tips & tricks of thrift.

  • you can find all the local thrift stores through this site: thethriftshopper
  • be open minded, yes some things will be dirty, but the majority of items arent
  • i typically find brand name clothing at great prices of course
  • you can find vintage jewlery, scarves, sunglasses, purses, etc
  • you can find nice homegoods such as furniture, dishes, electronics, etc
  • you can find sports equipment, baby needs, dvds, cds, books etc
  • when i go i look through every rack to make sure i see everything
  • most places have half price days or tag deals, i suggest finding out when they have them
  • you can get a discount for having a student i.d or being a senior citizen
i recommend visiting your local thrift shops, you never know what you might find, and its super fun i promise(:
if you have any tips not stated here, leave it as a comment


  1. I love drifting, I have found so many great books and dvds and clothes. My suggestion is that if you're a petite girl, you can sometimes found great stuff from kids section. I once found this really cute dress and you can't tell it's a kids size. :)

  2. @sandra
    great tip girl!
    im 5'0 but i have curves so i doubt id fit kids clothes but who knows i'll deff check next time(:

  3. I love thrifting, but I definitely don't do it often enough be good at it

  4. I've never done that, but it sounds interesting!

  5. I just went and I found some really pretty purse!

  6. @pinkbeautylove
    Niceee, you should do a post?

  7. I have never done that but it will b nice to try it out thankyou for sharing the tips.

  8. @jazmin & olivia
    you should deff go thrifting, i think you'll enjoy

  9. Mannnn, only 7 thrift stores in New Orleans-proper, I would've thought there'd be more!

  10. I love thrift shopping!! Especially on baby clothes!! I`ve found some great stuff for my daughter that are always in mint condition!! My boyfriend hates it lol!! Oh well haha!!

  11. @katxoxo
    awww i bet there is great stuff for baby clothes
    haaa my man feels the same about thrifting, not so much into it(;