Tuesday, August 2, 2011

OMG, can you say ENRAGED!

ummm yeah so i woke up this morning and checked my email and saw an email from Sara hearts pretty little things it stated that she had noticed someone stealing her as well as my posts word for word & images!!!! thanks for letting me know girl, you have no idea how much i appriciate that!

"hair styles & nail styles"
seriously GET A MUTHAA F*ING LIFE DUDE! if you dont have the balls to do your own blog with your own posts get the hell outta here, and off my blog! its such a complete violation, oh & congrats on my watermarks still being in tacked real thought out there LAME ASS!

heres a link, and before the site loads press ESC button or it'll lead you to ads, wierd!

if i was you id check this out just to make sure theres not any of your posts on here
Thanks for reading my rant! & i'll deff be contacting blogger!


  1. I just posted something super similar to this, it really upsets me knowing that we spend so much time and put in so much love into our posts... and then someone just steals them :/

    - marla

  2. @ marla
    i know, and it came outta left field, i didnt expect it. & if my lovely follower didnt tell i would have never known, thank god for her!
    seriously SOO much time! and thought out posts! even watermarks, just so easy to take, its awful!

  3. That not cool....
    a blog is someones work u know cause it takes time to post and yes u should do something about it.

  4. wow... thats rude. I have heard another blogger say this before too! What are with these people?! Take it as a complement the person obviously really likes your posts to copy them all! and they are just jealous they cant achieve your fantastic posts! good luck and I hope everything works out and they stop!

  5. @paint that nail
    thanks! i hope they stop to

  6. Aw thank you so much for the comment :D
    OMG!! I can't believe some people! How can they do that!! I am so glad someone informed you though!

  7. What a rude thing to do and its disrespectful of the other person's hard work. ugh!

  8. That is very messed up and rude! So disrespectful of that person to try and claim your work.


  9. @pearlslaceandruffles
    I know its fucked! & im not sure how to approach it with blogger?
    Any suggestions?
    I looked at there help form thing but idk I just didnt find what I needed

    If anyone could help id deeply appriciate it(:

  10. I wish people knew the hardship, time & effort we put into putting up a blog post. All that hard work only for someone to just come along & take it without giving credit where it's due *SMH*

    I'm sorry that this happened to you. I hope blogger does something about it! I think people steal images/blog posts to get followers so they can get sponsored when in reality they don't even know a thing or two about BEAUTY >_< How annoying :(

  11. That's awful! I'm so sorry it happened. I'd go all caps rage!

  12. ugh, WORST. you'd think people would figure out that internet thievery is a dumbdrill... when I clicked on that link it wound up redirecting through a ton of spammy stuff so at least it's not a "real" site trying to pass off your content.

  13. OMG how lame! I'm sorry that this had to happen to you love ;[

  14. I'd use the Report Abuse link on Blogger; see this page for more info:


    That's a very scammy site all around.

  15. @lisa
    Thanks so much, I hope they do to

    It is! Thank you for the help I will try that

  16. I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your support!
    Much love to you all!

  17. Who does thatÉ! A blog should be about your own ideas lol what`s the point if your just copying and pasting!! LAMe!!

  18. I understand how you feel, I'll be mad as hell if someone steal my pictures! anyhow, your work/photo must be really good if someone wants to steal it, it just a lot better to ask first before they post it on their blog I think. xx Joice