Monday, August 8, 2011

Care To Share: mom & i 8/8/11

today is my moms 53rd birthday(:
i got her a card, a set of colorful pearl studs, and a gift card to get her fave shoes, & we spent quality time.
i love my mom, well obviously, & today inspired me to share
she is my best friend hands down, this happened with age, ive always been exremly close to my mom, but when i was a teenager i was never around (we didnt argue or anything, i just was never around to be close you know) i naively thought other things were more important at the time, around 17 that changed i settled down with my man and found the time to have a relationship with my mom, it was the best thing i couldve done! shes honest and always gives it to me straight and i appriciate everything she has done and given to me in my life, we love to get together shop, talk about life, and get a bite to eat (plus i love having dinner with her cause she makes the best pasta & bread)
i get my nurturing heart from her, she is the mother of 2 daughters a 35 yr old (my sister) and a 20 yr old (me) shes been a nurse for 33 years & plans to work till retirement, she has seen and done it all, she has the greatest life stories to tell & id be lost without her, shes the only parent i have left (my dad passed 7/2/05 & having her in my life to go to about anything, its a great feeling.
our family portrait (my mom, dad, me)
my mom (2010)
US (earlier this yr)


  1. How cute! My mom has always been my bff all my friend wonder why she my everything I share everything. Im merried now and we still call each other every day..LOL
    Happy Bday for ur mommy!!!!
    PS I love my moms cooking too

  2. aww it's good to have a nice relationship with your mom :) My mom's a nurse too haha
    hope she has a wonderful bday

  3. Aw, how cute! Thanks for sharing :D

  4. @jazmin
    its the best isnt it, i will never take these moments with her for granted, im glad your close with your mom as well

    its an honorable career, nurses are always kind and nurturing so i bet your mom is to

  5. Aww this is so touching, its exactly how me and my mum are. Except that Im still 17 :)
    Shes my best friend and she also gives me all the advice I need. I love my mum <3
    you look so cute in your younger pics.

  6. Aw nice to know that you have a great relationship with your mom! I was the same way as a teen, I wasn't as close to my mom. Now that I am a little older I am much closer to her. My mom is 54, around the same age as yours =)

  7. @esther
    thats so great your close her never lose that

    @little petite
    awww thats awsome, haa the similaritys!

  8. This is really sweet. Happy Birthday to your mom! :)

  9. That's really sweet! I'm sure your mom would LOVE everything you got her & I hope she has a lovely day ;]