Saturday, August 13, 2011

Blogger luxury & Inspiration Awards

i have the best blog award already thats why i didnt included in title(:
the questions on these tend to get repeditive so you might have read some of these answers already in past awards
i was awarded these awards by paint that nail like 2 weeks ago finally got it up
she does amazing nail art, check her out(:
& thank you sooo much! 

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Name your favorite color- pink
Name your favorite song- warmness on the soul -avenged sevenfold
Name your favorite dessert- chocolate shakes
What pisses you off- distrustfull, unloyal, & fake ppl
When your upset you- are a b*tch sorry but its the truth
Your favorite pet- CHIHUAHUA, my twinkie(:
Black or white- black
Your biggest fear- death
best feature- idk my hurrr :p 
Everyday attitude- excited
What is perfection- who knows
Guilty pleasure- the real housewives

1. i straighten my hair everyday (i occasionally curl) & i always use a heat protector
2. i dyed my hair black from '06 to '09 & damaged it soo much, a hairdresser denied to dye my hair blonde in '09
3. so for the last couple yrs i let my hair strip the dye & get healthy, my hair is at its natural pigment and i take very good care of it now
4. & i plan on going blonde in acouple months, its a long time comming haa(;
5. i love blogging i put so much time into it & i try to keep contact with my followers, its the best part, making friends(:
6. soon i plan on meeting up with Jazmin of My Pursuit of Happiness & i know itll be a good time
7. for more about me check the sidebar, Care To Share posts, & my other awards

15 bloggers:


  1. Thanks hun! I appreciate the love :D

  2. Thankyou doll I hope to c u to even if its just for lunch or something like that. I will email u soon w my number.

  3. @ jazmin
    stoked!!! cant wait to hear from you.

  4. Thank you for the nice words!!<3
    I agree they do get a little repetitive lol
    I straighten my hair too! its naturally pretty straight so I only do my bangs and my head a little bit like the bottoms. hahaha(:

  5. @paint that nail
    lol arent they, i get exited when the ?s are different, haa yeah my hairs wavy so it just takes like 10 minutes to strighten, pretty similar to your sitch(:


  7. @sahar awan
    you welcome hun, thanks thats so nice to hear(:

  8. Congrats on your award!! I have dyed my hair black too & yes it totally damages your hair :( THANK YOU so much for this<3<3
    -Adriana =D

  9. bebe you're too sweet! Thanks for these lovely awards! and most importantly CONGRATULATIONS :) You really deserved 'em <3