Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Friday: swimsuit coverups/slips

during summer we do alot of lounging around the pool or walking around the beach, and sometimes you want to cover up alittle, maybe you want to hide a part of your body your not compfortable with but still stay cooled down and look cute, here are some types of cover ups/slips, includes description
white tank dress that cinches at the bottom
multi colored (pink, white, orange) terry cloth dress, cinches under bust
black onion skin tiered skirt, with drawstring
black flirt skirt, has bikini bottom attatched
black & white striped low rise board shorts with red flower detailing on back pocket

will be updated with new purchases throughout the summer


  1. I really like the first two.

  2. The white tank dress is so pretty and I like how then you can see through it and see the bathing suit! lol I also really like the pink white and orange one!

  3. That first skirt and the multi colored dress! Too bad I've only gone swimming once this summer, wahhhhhh.

  4. @meredith jessica
    omg girlll get on that(;

  5. These are all very cute :) The multi colored dress and black onion skirt are my favorite! Thanks so much for the comment<3

  6. Those striped shorts are really cute, esp the back pockets ^__^

  7. Hi, thanks hehe I love the first top! nothing can go wrong with white :D the last short is cute!!

  8. the first and last is so pretty! :D

  9. I LOVE the first one.

    You have great style doll! :)