Saturday, August 6, 2011

Update: Twinkies vet appt

for anyone who wants to know about how his appt today went keep reading...
a little over a month ago i noticed his right ear becoming really red & him picking at it, i was worried like anyother pet owner, i watched to see if it got better but it didnt, so i made an appt today, his last appt was when he was 7 months old we got him neutured & shots that were going to be due for his 1 year, now almost 3 yrs he was due for 4 vaccines which he recieved 3 shots & 1 administered through nose, during the exam his temp was taken (102, which is normal on a hot day for dogs) his weight 7.1 pds (suprisingly his weight is great for his size, i thought he was overweight since i feed him what i eat plus dog food, relax only foods i know are safe lol) & his teeth were checked the dr explained to me that he has 2 baby teeth still which means that he doesnt have adult teeth that will grow in there and replace them (it happens sometimes) but i have to take extra care of those baby teeth so soon i will start brushing his teeth daily. also the dr talked about "prevenative tests" i was talked into it, (wish i wouldve waited till next yr to do it since it was costly on top of the already expensive appt) they performed a urinalysis which checks for kidney stones (he didnt have any, & i didnt think he would). anyways on to the point HIS EAR! they did a deep cleaning before they could swap the ear and check for bacteria... he has a severe bacterial infection of the ear "otitis" he was perscribed antibiotic drops which i will administer twice a day for 14 days, (with high bacterial infections theres always a chance that the bacteria can be resistant to antibiotics) so in 2 weeks i will go back in for a check up to see if they worked, i really hope they do! i will keep you ladies updated...
heres a recent photo of my baby, see his ear inflamed):

for a list on risky foods & unsafe household items for dogs, leave a comment i would gladly make a post
anyother ?s about Twinkie or dogs in general, feel free to ask(:


  1. Awwh, I hope he'll get better!

  2. little boober, feel better Twinkie! Totally feel your pain on this one... my dog is allergic to a ton of junk and we spent years at the doctors til they figured out what was wrong/what special diet and meds I needed to keep her on to be happy. They're expensive buggers but sooooo worth it since they give it back 10x over in love. Give Twinkie a big hug!

  3. awww, Hope he feels better soon, he so cute :) xx

  4. I hope he gets better soon! He's adorable!

  5. Awww, poor thing, get better Twinks!

  6. I hope Lola's future bf is ok ;[ pooor Mr. Twinkies!

  7. @ heart kristel
    haa, they are long distance lovers(;
    thanks so much for your support

    @nail nerd
    oh im sorry hun, im glad they found out what was wrong, yes yes yes very expensive but most deff worth it! before Twinkie i seriously never knew i could love an animal like this he really is my baby haa, & he is getting plenty of hugs!!!(:

  8. The good thing is that u got that taken care of. poor Twinkies is he in pain?
    Wish u both the best

  9. @jazmin
    i asked the vet if he was in pain & he said if he is he doesnt show it, he's such a good boy(: he did soo well there to, i was a proud mama haa.

  10. he's soo cute! and I hope all gets better with his ear! Im sure he'll be fine :D

  11. i want to thank all you beauties for your support & wishes(: love you all.