Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heavy haulin: cvs

haaa you know while i was picking up my prescription i couldnt help but pick up a few things(:

Wet N Wild haul
color icon in comfort zone & spoiled brat
comfort zone (all shimmers)
(left side) dull yellow, copper, bronze brown, deep brown
(right side) taupe, lime green, black w/ gold glitters, rust w/ blue sheen
spoiled brat
matte magenta, black w/ silver glitters, silver shimmer
lipstick in bare it all
wildshine lipsticks in fling & enamored
megaslicks lipgloss in strawberry ice & cherish
cherish(dusty pink shummer) strawberry ice(coral/pink shimmer)
enamored(rose pink shimmer) fling(peach shimmer)
bare it all(darker nude matte) 


  1. yay you got Comfort Zone!! your gonna love it! Great haul :)

  2. Great haul!
    I seriously need to check out Wet n Wild's eye shadows, because they look amazing! I haven't bought any of their makeup in a while. I only have like one set from them, but I love how pigmented the colors are.

  3. @tiffany
    i know yay im stoked to try it out, i bet i will.

    this is my first purchase of these shadows but they seem great, you should theyre so damn inexpensive to.

  4. Love those lip colors!!

    P.S having a giveaway on my blog stop by and enter :)

  5. You got some good stuff. I have a friend that works at CVS and she told me that her store has NYX makeup did you see any?
    I have the WnW spoiled brat too But Im still looking for the color icon in comfort zone =( I hope I can find it when Im down in Cali.

  6. @jazmin
    nahhh i wish tho!! they need to put nyx in my local ones, i havent seen them anywhere but ulta
    ): lol
    i know fer sure you can get it down here

  7. Great items you got there! I just love those wet n wild palettes :)

  8. the lipstick looks good....
    everybody please check out my beauty blog....i'd appreciate that very much. :)

  9. I really like the Comfort Zone palette.

  10. I love the spoiled brat! such a funny name !!! hahaha!! :D wish we have wet n wild in malaysia

  11. spoiled brat is one of my favorites! The colors are so intense, love it!

  12. great haul!
    I really want Comfort Zone!

  13. @diana
    what a bummer you dont have them out there!
    at least therees a ton of Hello Kitty im soo jelly of that!

  14. What a great haul! I'm starting to love wet n wild products, in this last year they're been stepping up their game!

  15. @beauty on a college budget
    they really have! its awsome specially the price!